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Spectacular Night Sky: Northern Lights in Switzerland!

Some weeks ago, I could not believe my eyes when I read an article about the Aurora Borealis! Can you imagine that it is actually visible from Switzerland?Rarest among the rare, this solar phenomenon is followed by thousands of people aiming to take the best picture of it.

Obviously, "Northern Lights" are mostly visible in the Northern most spots of the planet, closest to the Earth's magnetic pole. However, they happen to sometimes be stronger and hit lower latitudes... In those cases, NASA will publish special announcements which increase the heartbeat of most nature photographers!

At a location near Lake Constance, Switzerland, an extremely long lasting Aurora was captured by Mark Vornhusen on Nov 21, 2003. A bunch of different colors, with especially bright tones of red and green were visible from the beginning of dawn until after midnight...

That same day in the Canton of Aargau, Heiko Rodde caught sight of this natural wonder and took these impressive pictures:

Again near Lake Constance in 2004, Harald Wochner tool a series of pictures to prove that Northern Lights in Switzerland are not a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!